History of Sigvaris Compression Stockings

Although compression socks have recently become more widespread and openly worn, their history goes back much longer than people might think. Since the 1950s, women’s and men’s compression socks and stockings have been used to manage venous diseases. Here’s a look at the history of Sigvaris compression stockings.

Historical Sigvaris Compression Stocking logo

How Sigvaris Compression Stockings Began

Over 140 years ago, Moritz Ganzoni founded the company in Switzerland. Back then, members of the Ganzoni family were garment makers in a highly advanced textile region of Switzerland. In the late 1950′s the company collaborated with Dr. Karl Sig, a vascular surgeon, to make the first ready-to-wear compression stocking for patients with severe venous disorders. This collaboration is how Sigvaris got its name, by joining together the name of Dr. Sig with the Latin term for a torturous vessel, “varis” to form “Sigvaris”.

Advances in Compression Stocking Technology

Sigvaris came to the United States in the 1990’s and brought with them over 100 years of garment making experience. The Ganzoni family, who still runs the modern day Sigvaris, has made significant strides towards developing a line of compression socks and stockings to help everyone with venous disease. Sigvaris compression stockings are made in Brazil, France, Switzerland and Peachtree Georgia, USA. Fashion and sports compression socks and stockings were introduced worldwide to give patients recovering from surgical procedures more options for ready-to-wear vascular garments and consumer support stockings.

Fashion Forward Designs

Early compression stockings were bulky, uncomfortable and sometimes too warm to wear. It was not long before Sigvaris developed compression stockings to suit the needs of everyday wearers. The Sigvaris EverSheer and Soft Opaque compression stockings use the latest in fabric technology to offer lightweight socks made from stronger materials to provide effective compression with a fashionable finish. Sigvaris’ new Performance Sports compression socks help athletes maximize their performance and incorporate wicking materials to help keep them cool. Sigvaris stockings and socks are indistinguishable from their non-compression counterparts in terms of how they look. In addition to men’s compression socks, you can also find women’s compression stockings in the form of pantyhose, which are available in toeless, knee high and thigh high varieties.

Who knew that such a dynamic collaboration 140 years ago could revolutionize the world of socks? Because of the advances in fabrics, men and women can now comfortably wear Sigvaris compression stockings every day.