How Often Should You Wear Compression Stockings?
By: LegSmart - January 11, 2012

One of the most important parts of using compression stockings is to make sure you are wearing them often enough. So how often is often enough?  Well, it depends on a few things and we’d like to talk about those here.

First and foremost, if your doctor has recommended that you start using compression socks and stockings, you should follow any instructions given. Depending on the reason you are using compression stockings, your doctor may recommend that you wear the stockings for a few hours or throughout the day, for a short period of time or extended periods.

If you are recovering from surgery and your doctor has recommended the use of compression stockings, you will be given specific instructions on how long to wear them. In general, compression stockings should be worn every day to help alleviate mild cases of tired, achy legs or swelling. Compression stockings for varicose veins and other ailments are designed to try to fit into your everyday life with minimal impact. You can wear compression stockings whenever you experience swelling or achy legs – or you can wear compression stockings on a more regular basis for ongoing help improving your circulation.

Unless your doctor says otherwise, compression stockings are typically not used for sleeping or lying down. Many people will wear compression stockings during the day, and then wash the stockings at night. While sleeping, you can use a pillow or a bed wedge to elevate your legs and encourage better blood flow.

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