How to Make Your Compression Stockings Last

When you wear compression stockings, there are a few details you should know about how to take care of your investment and make sure it lasts. Each pair of compression stockings should come with instructions for proper care and cleaning, but we have a few general tips you can use.

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Wash Your Compression Stockings the Right Way

Washing your compression garments every time you wear them is extremely important. When you wear the garments, they conform to the size and shape of your legs. A daily or nightly washing will help the garment return to its original size and shape, with the added benefit of keeping the fabric clean and fresh. Some compression pantyhose are washable in your washing machine’s delicate cycle, but not all are, so pay special attention to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

A few general tips: use cold water and a small amount of gentle soap, avoiding any types of softeners, hot water, and hot dryers. When possible, use a compression stocking washing solution, which is specially designed to clean the elastic fibers of your stockings, without damage. Additionally, avoid wringing out your stockings, instead use a towel to pat your stockings dry, and then hang your stockings to dry. Check out our How to Wash Your Compression Stockings guide for more.

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Use Grippy Donning Gloves to help you pull up your Compression Stockings

When you’re buying compression stockings, it’s a great idea to get yourself some donning gloves at the same time. These are gloves specially designed to help you grip and put on your compression stockings while minimizing damage. When putting on compression socks or compression pantyhose without gloves, it’s possible you might damage or snag the elastic fibers with your fingers and fingernails.

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Dealing with Snags

If you find a snag or small run in your compression pantyhose, try not to panic. Use a bit of clear fingernail polish or a non-fray liquid for fabric on the snag to prevent it from getting any worse. You can also try to pull the snagged thread back through the compression pantyhose with a needle to repair it.