Can I wear Compression Stockings if I'm allergic to Latex?

Yes. All of the brands that carries make compression socks and stockings that are latex free.

However there is 1 exception:

The Sigvaris 500 series Natural Rubber is made of natural rubber and thus contains latex. This compression stocking is available in 30-40 mmHg and 40-50 mmHg. This material is stronger than most compression stockings, so it has great containment. (Containment is the ability for a compression stocking to provide compression and support to the leg when it swells.)

If you are looking for a compression stocking that had a higher containment but is allergic or sensitive to products with latex, then we recommend the Juzo Varin or the Mediven Plus. They are both latex free and provide stronger containment and accurate medical compression.

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January 20, 2015

Hello, we have several patients interested in your latex free stockings. Could you please send information and possible samples to the office.
Thank you for your time

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