Happy Halloween

We hope you all enjoy this fun, freaky holiday, however you choose to celebrate it. From costume parties to trick-or-treating with the kids, be sure you stay safe (and warm) out there tonight!

If you're out and about, chances are you're probably going to be in some type of costume that may or may not be the most comfortable thing you've worn. If you’re going to be on your feet for long periods of time, make sure you're wearing your compression socks! Not only will they keep you warmer, but they'll help you be the life of the party (or endure walking around with the kids on their quest for the heaviest sack of candy). Maybe now is the time to put those black and orange running sleeves to use. ;)

For trick-or-treaters, be careful when walking out on the street! Bring a flashlight with you and make sure you're wearing bright enough clothes that people can see well enough in dark areas. If you're hitting the town, don't drink and drive! Be mindful of your friends and make sure everyone gets home safely. Besides cabs, there are plenty of services such as Lyft, Sidecar, and Uber that can get you a ride home easily!

Most importantly, have a great time and take lots of pictures of the most interesting, funny, weird, or scary costumes you see! Happy Halloween!