5 Circumstances in Which You Do Not Expect to Wear Compression

Summer is a time for having fun and relaxing: hakuna matata, if you will. The last thing people want to think about is putting MORE clothes on than necessary. Many people associate wearing compression stockings with taking nasty medicine; it's not very fun, but you have to do it to get better. However, that's not always necessarily the case! Now more than ever people are wearing compression for prevention purposes and for the sake of helping their legs feel refreshed as they carry us throughout our day. Additionally, compression is actually really comfortable if you wear a breathable fabric in the warm weather. Here is a list of times in which you wouldn't think to wear compression, but it would actually greatly benefit you!

18 Holes:

This is what you've been looking forward to all week, maybe even all month: just you and the guys out on the green. Don't let your tired legs slow you down and affect your game. Try playing both with and without compression, and you'll see what a difference it makes in how your legs feel at the end of the course.

Graduation Ceremonies:

Sitting on uncomfortable metal stadium benches for hours on end can cause anyone's legs to get restless. On the other side, sitting in your hot cap and gown waiting for your name to be called can be pretty exhausting too! Merino Wool socks are great at pulling heat away from the legs, even in the hottest of summer days.

The Big Day:

Whether you're the happy couple or just a part of the celebration, everyone is hustling and bustling on wedding day, and all the standing and sitting around can get tiring. Men: Business Casual socks have a modern and sleek design, great with any suit. Women: Sheer fashion stockings come in various colors and lengths; people won't even know you're wearing compression!

Summer fairs, zoos, amusement parks:

Whether you're on a big family vacation at Disneyland, enjoying multiple stages of music at Coachella, or checking out the silly looking Tapirs at the local zoo, chances are you're going to be on your feet for long periods of time (starting to see a trend here?). It might sound uncomfortable and hot, but there are many different exercise-style compression stockings that are great for moisture wicking and heat management.

Forced Shopping:

We've all been there at one point in time: being dragged around on a shopping adventure that we didn't sign up for. How many times do you walk into the next store, looking for a place to have a seat? And how many times have you actually found a comfortable seat, not just a shelf that you scooted product over to make room for an awkwardly positioned seat? Slap on some cushioned cotton socks to give you the extra comfort, and maybe, just maybe the time will fly by faster.

By now you've probably imagined yourself in these scenarios in the past and cringed at how you may have suffered through some of it because of being tired. Don't let your tired achy legs slow you down from having fun. Put on a pair of compression socks and you'll thank yourself later! As always, any questions or help with fitting, don't hesitate to contact us! Our staff are all certified fitters and will gladly advise you. Drop us a line at (425)880-7893 or email us at: support@legsmart.com