World Graphic Design Day

Today is World Graphic Design Day!

Design Credit goes to: Firmorama

We wanted to take a brief moment to recognize graphic designers all around the world: Thanks! It is your work that inspires online businesses, and it is the very means by which we share ideas and communicate.

Your hard work and attention to detail shows, and we just wanted to appreciate that. Many of you sit at a computer hunched over all day, so here are some helpful tips to keep your legs and body feeling relaxed and refreshed.

  1. Take stretch breaks! Sometimes there are projects that you just don't want to leave until it's absolutely perfect, but let's be real: over-clocking your brain won't increase the quality of your work. By getting up and stretching for just ten minutes every hour, you promote healthy circulation which in turn keeps your brain on point.
  2. Keep healthy snacks at hand all the time. In addition to providing your body with proper circulation, you need the proper nutrients as well. Sometimes it's easy to forget about eating because you'd rather be spending the time accomplishing the task at hand, but the more you work the more you find yourself getting exponentially fatigued and irritated. A healthy trail mix is a simple solution to this; the nuts provide protein, and the natural sugars from fruit will give you a healthy boost of energy.
  3. Wear compression socks. To be realistic, there will be many times in which you will be hunched over for hours on end without being able to move from your seat at all. Sitting for long periods of time can eventually take its toll on your legs because they are not receiving the proper circulation that they should be getting. By wearing compression socks, you are doing your legs the favor by providing them with the support so that your blow can flow properly.

So once again, thanks to all our hard working graphic designers out there. Your work does not go unnoticed, even down to the minute details. You make the internet a prettier place, one web page at a time.