Protect Yourself While You're On the Move

Today we all live in an active and mobile society, and whether you're traveling or going about your daily routine, your body runs out of energy which leads to being tired and achy at the end of the day. In addition, the daily wear and tear caused by high impact motions, exercise, and recreation sometimes cause injury and damage to your body. Of all the physical stress our body undergoes throughout the day, our legs seem to carry a lot of that weight. Whether you are active or sedentary, your legs are constantly being affected by your daily activities. Wearing compression socks is an easy way to increase circulation in the lower legs while at work, play or traveling to prevent edema (swelling) and DVT (blood clots). Here are some tips for maintaining healthy legs while you are out and about:


When traveling by car it is beneficial to get out of the car every hour to look at the scenery, walk around the car a couple of times taking deep breaths to clear the mind. This will keep you alert while driving. Also stop at the rest stops; besides getting a bathroom break, you can increase circulation in your legs and fill those lungs with air by walking the paths. It will keep you alert on the road and get the wiggles out of those little and big bodies. You will arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and ready for an enjoyable day.

If you are flying, try to get up every hour and walk the length of the plane. Also, while in the seat do figure eight or heel/toe exercises, which will increase the circulation as well as keep the swelling out of the lower leg.


Whether walking, running or cycling make sure you are visible to both foot and motor traffic. Wear those helmets, pads and reflective gear. Running compression socks have neon built in for visibility as well as increased circulation.

Walking is a great light exercise that is good for both your physical and mental health. Compression socks will increase your endurance on longer walks as well as giving you a little spring in your step. Walking with compression socks puts less strain on your muscles and being in the fresh air and sun provides you with Vitamin D; an essential vitamin for healthy skin and happy brains.


At Work:

While at work it is very important to wear compression socks especially if you stand or sit most of the day. The compression socks will invigorate your legs with increased circulation. It is also important to get up at least every hour, walk to increase blood flow and give you a bathroom break.

Adding compression socks to your busy daily routine enhances your legs circulation giving you longer endurance and can also prevent possible problems from swelling to DVT. Enjoy getting out this spring and summer knowing you are improving your physical and mental health.