The Importance of a Balanced Diet

National Nutrition Month

The month of March is National Nutrition Month and this year's theme is "Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day." But do you know how to eat right? Following a healthy and well balanced diet is crucial in order to supply your body with the proper nutrients it needs. In addition to taking care of your body's health, a balanced diet will also have you feeling better mentally and you’ll have an improved level of energy throughout the day.

Why is it important to have a balanced diet?

Take a look at the food pyramid. You've probably seen it hundreds of times but it's important to understand how the breakdown of the daily values contributes to your overall well-being. Food is not meant simply just to sustain our bodies until we have to eat again, but it is meant to help us develop, grow, and thrive. Our diet is a crucial contributing factor to every single facet of our health, from the very surface of our skin all the way down to our vital organ functions.

Whether you are overweight, underweight or at a healthy weight, having a balanced diet is the first step to achieving, and maintaining your overall health. Providing your body with a balanced diet and cutting out excessive fat, sugar, and salt will help you reduce your risk of disease and even injury. However, eating healthy also supports healthy mental function as well.

Eating right not only helps your body feel great, but your mind as well. When you are eating healthy, you tend to have more energy and feel less lethargic. Though it seems easier said than done, having a healthy diet creates a compounding positive effect that perpetuates itself into a healthy lifestyle. Eating right leads to more energy, more energy leads to more activity, and more activity leads to a positive, happy, healthy you.

Keep in mind, eating a healthy and well balanced diet doesn't mean you have to eat foods that are unpleasant to you. There are plenty of healthy foods available for you to enjoy. Have some variety in your diet; try cooking your foods using different healthy methods or combine your food choices to create something new! What are some of your favorite healthy recipes? Share them with us!

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