Fitness Fads to Follow

Diet and exercise fads go in and out of style quickly. These new fitness routines combine dancing, boxing, yoga and boot camp to make you sweat. Here are some interesting fitness fads you might want to try to kick off your new years resolutions.



Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that combines popular music with fast paced cardio dance moves. Started in 2001, Zumba is a group class program that gets people moving together in many locations across the United States.

Zumba gets you moving to pop hits with easy to learn cardio dance moves. The fitness atmosphere is more like a party than the same boring routine at the gym. Zumba is also on DVD and available in Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 gaming platforms.

P90X Workout System


Tony Horton created the P90X extreme home fitness system designed to push your body to produce results in 90 days. The in home DVDs provide 12 different workouts to choose from and the fitness routine is designed to mix it up to keep your body improving throughout the 90 day routine.

Tony encourages users to keep up with their pace. Even if you can't do some of the exercises, they have alternative motions that are a bit easier to do. The main idea to keep on pushing yourself through the 1 hour routines.



Shaun T created Insanity as a muscle confusion workout routine that focuses on form and cardio. The in home DVD routines are laid out into 10 workout sessions that range between 30 minutes to an hour. Each of these 10 routines are rotated through 90 days to keep your body from hitting that fitness plateau. Shaun T tells users to focus on form to prevent injury. Every time you do one of the workouts, you'll notice that you can do a few more of the exercises than before.

There are short breaks deep stretching mixed in between cardio and power routines. Throughout the workouts, you'll gain more stability and coordination to be more effective in the rest of your 90 days.

Whichever fitness fad interests you, give it a try! Rest assured, these programs have inspired millions of people to get fit. One day, these fitness programs will shed their "fad" label and might become a fitness institution like jogging.