Sigvaris Merino Outdoor Performance

Sigvaris Merino Outdoor Performance Socks combines high quality Australian Merino Wool with accurate compression. Merino Wool is incredibly comfortable and doesn't itch your skin. It's durable and insulates your legs and feet from weather that's too hot or too cold. This special wool also absorbs 35% of it's weight in water to keep your skin dry.

  • Mesh flex zones for ventilation
  • Low impact seems prevent blisters and irritation on your feet
  • Durable, anti-microbial
  • Advanced heat and moisture management

How to Order

  1. Choose the compression level.
  2. Choose your size. You may need to take a measurements to get your size. With your leg measurements, look up your size in the sizing chart in the images or check out the Sigvaris Sizing Chart in a PDF.
  3. Choose the color.

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