Juzo Naturally Sheer Knee 15-20 mmHg

Juzo Naturally Sheer knee high compression stockings are beautifully sheer and fashionable. Naturally Sheer compression stockings are also ideal for reducing swelling and increasing circulation in your legs. Available in a light 15-20 mmHg compression. Naturally Sheer comes in many great colors to match any wardrobe. You can also choose to have an open toe style.

  • Fashionable sheer stocking
  • Reinforced heel and toe to prevent running
  • Wide and flat top band for comfort

How to Order

  1. Choose the Compression level.
  2. Choose the toe style: Closed toe or Open toe.
  3. Choose your color. Some Juzo models or options are available in limited colors.
  4. Choose your size. You may need to take a measurements to get your size. With your leg measurements, look up your size in the sizing chart in the images, or check out the Juzo Sizing Chart in a PDF.
  5. Choose between Regular and Short length. Look on the sizing chart where it says Knee length or Thigh/Panty length. There it will give you guidelines for the appropriate length to choose depending on your leg length measurement.

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