Shipping Policy

We get really excited whenever we receive an order from our customers. So excited in fact, that we rush to process your order that same business day if it’s sent in to us by 12 noon Pacific Standard Time.

Our orders are shipping via UPS Ground, USPS, and UPS/FedEx Express air options.

If there’s a delay in the shipping and processing of your order, like winter storm weather, we’ll let you know by phone and email.

We look over your orders before sending them out

When you place an order, our certified compression stocking fitters will look over your order. We can tell if the size or level of compression seems off, and we’ll often reach out to with a phone call and email to confirm the order. (I’m looking at you 30-40 mmHg orders with the Extra Small size option…)

Sometimes, our manufacturers change stuff on us, and you

Every once in a super blood blue moon, our manufactures will discontinue a color option and they’ll forget to tell us. So, when we try to process your order, it won’t be available.

We understand that it’s a bummer for you, and for us. So we’ll give you a call and an email to let you know if we can substitute your item for something else. We have so many great compression stockings that it’s pretty easy to find something else that will suit your lovely legs.

International Customers need to keep an eye out

We love our International Customers and we do our best to process all orders accurately and quickly. With International Orders, we take extra care when processing them. We want to make sure the address is correct, and that we get the appropriate tracking information so the order doesn’t get lost.

Also, International Customers should we aware that tariffs may apply. If you haven’t received your order in a *very* long time, it might be because your local post office is holding your package and waiting for you to pay a tariff on it before releasing it.


If you have any questions about our shipping methods or your order, send us an email