Fall Layers

It's about that time of year! Time to put away the shorts and tank tops, and bust out the jeans and jackets. Whether you're still hanging on to what's left of summer, or if you're already in full fall-swing, chances are you have already or are planning on doing some shopping to update your wardrobe for work and to prepare for the cold weather. While the jackets, boots, and pants are all important to keeping you warm, so are the inner layers. As you shop, make sure you keep these products in mind; they will all help you be more comfortable while keeping you warm in the cooler weather.

Under Armour

This thin layering is great for exercise or just daily wear. The breathable fabric is great at managing heat, as well as insulating underneath your sweaters or jackets. Additionally, it wicks moisture away quickly so you'll stay drier during exercise, and your clothes won't stick to you when it rains. The keyword here is comfort. Under Armour is great because they have all kinds of apparel, from compression, to fitted, to casual street wear.

Compression shorts

Compression shorts are great! I've just recently discovered them, but don't have many pairs because they can be kind of pricey for an undergarment. However, they're well worth it for many reasons. If you're out for a long run and it starts to rain, you'll be warm and dry. Additionally, you're preventing any chance of chafing by wearing them. I'm getting a little ahead of myself by mentioning this, but they're great for skiing too. They keep you nice and warm, and when you fall the snow down your pants won't be quite as uncomfortable.

Compression socks

The versatility of compression socks has definitely gotten much better over time. You have the option of knee, thigh, or pantyhose (even leggings!) styles that come in all compression levels, colors, and fabrics. A couple of my favorites for cold weather are the Sigvaris Merino Wool socks and the Medi Motion Sport. These socks will not only keep your legs warm, they will also promote healthy circulation and help your legs feel refreshed after a long day.

Whether you're getting your morning run on or preparing for a long day at work, make sure to never leave the house with these layering essentials. You'll be warmer, drier, and overall more comfortable. So layer up, get on out there, and just keep doing the sun dance until it comes back!