Compression Socks vs. Moisture

One of the concerns with wearing compression socks is managing moisture. Wearing tight knee high socks sounds uncomfortable enough, and to have them be sweaty or wet from rain is even worse. To address the tightness, these socks are knit with a consistent and gradual pressure gradient, so they won't bind uncomfortably. Additionally, the materials used in many of these socks are breathable and wick away moisture fairly quickly, so your legs and feet won't feel like they're in a sauna. Here are three of my favorite socks that are the best at moisture management:

Sigvaris Athletic Performance:

The Sigvaris Athletic Performance running sock is one of my favorites. This 20-30 mmHg running sock is made with dri-release fabric, so it breathes well and stays dry. While this sock was meant for use during exercise, it certainly can be worn simply to support you throughout your busy day. It comes in white or black, with sleek grey stripes that will go great with your running outfit. The sizing is extremely flexible, and can accommodate up to a men's size 14. I have a pair of these in black, and something about the material just makes this sock really comfortable. If you prefer to go footless, they also make a really great sleeve that comes in many different colors

Sigvaris Merino Wool:

Many people are hesitant to try wool simply because of itchy experiences in the past. However, I urge you to look past the old scratchy looking sweaters that you're already envisioning. If you've ever worn a pair of Smart Wool socks before, you'll know that they are actually really comfortable. Similarly, Sigvaris's Merino Wool is a smooth, plush sock that will also provide the extra benefit of graduated compression. The best part about wool: It can wick away up to 30% of its own weight in moisture. Whether you want a light 15-20 compression or more support of a 20-30mmHg sock, the Merino Wool will keep you warm when it's cold, and manage the heat effectively when it's hot.

Juzo Silver Sole or Silver Soft:

Juzo has a really great line of socks that contain silver threads (no, they're not just trying to make fancy shiny socks). The silver is great because it not only manages moisture well, but its anti-microbial properties are good for managing moisture and odor. This sock is only available in the medical grade – 20-30mmHg and up – but it comes in either the Silver Soft or the Silver Sole. Both are lightweight, comfortable stockings with the efficacy of a medical grade compression.


Walking around with sweaty feet (or god forbid rain-soaked shoes with soggy socks) all day is very unpleasant, especially if you have to wear compression. But with these socks you'll find that your feet will feel much more comfortable and dry. Of course you’ll have the off day where you step in a puddle, but if you find that happening to you often, spray this on your shoes. Keep your feet dry out there, and let us know what works or doesn’t work for you!