Gear up for Fall Running

Runners everywhere are starting to catch on: compression socks really do help. No, they don't make you more aerodynamic nor do they have some kind of muscle stimulating gimmick to help you run forever. They do, however, make you look pretty darn cool when you're out on your run (look at all those colors). Fortunately, that's not the only purpose they serve.

Graduated compression socks – tightest at the ankle, lessens as you move up the calf – serve to increase circulation, reduce muscle fatigue, prevent shin splints or injury, and prevent excessive lactic acid buildup. Although wearing these won't make you an overnight marathon runner, they certainly do help you train harder and longer, while recovering quicker. Additionally, for those chilly mornings or rainy days, these socks will keep you nice and warm, while still allowing your feet to breathe well.

In addition to the many other styles of outdoor and sport socks, CEP has a great running sock that will give you the edge both for training and race day. The Running 2.0 sock is comfortable, durable, and breathable. It is available in many different bright colors to go with those extra bright running shoes. For you night runners, there is a night run sock that is bright neon yellow with reflective stripes down either side. Try 'em out for yourself! Tell us if you love them or hate them. We want to hear from you! If you have any questions about sizing or need some more guidance, check out our other blog articles or get in touch with us. Email us at