Not Your Ordinary Wool!

As much as we hate to admit it, we are beginning to come towards the tail end of summer, and starting to see signs of fall (or early winter, if you're in Seattle). While most of us are trying to get as much wear out of our summer outfits as possible, it's also time to start thinking about changing it up for the cooler weather. Bring out the scarves, pea coats, boots, and compression socks. But not just any compression sock; the Sigvaris Merino Wool. Whether you're the rugged outdoors type who will adventure in any weather, or you're just updating your wardrobe for work, this knee high wool sock is versatile and comfortable enough for any situation.

Before you get all apprehensive about how scratchy and hot wool is, keep in mind that this isn't the same type of wool from those sweaters Grandma used to give you every year for Christmas (which you now thank her for because you have the best outfit at ugly sweater parties). Merino wool is a lot more fine, not so coarse and scratchy, for an itch-free and comfortable wear throughout your day. Additionally, the sock is very durable and excellent at wicking away moisture; perfect for your outdoor activities.

If you're worried about them being too hot, fear not! Like I mentioned before, these socks are cool and breathe well when it's hot, but also insulate just as well in cold weather. Additionally, they come in both 15-20 mmHg and 20-30 mmHg compression levels, so you can get a little more support if you'd like. Keyword for this review: versatility. Whether you're on your next hiking adventure or simply enduring another day at work, these socks will give you the comfort and support such that you'll even forget you're wearing compression. Don't believe me? Try them out for yourself! Our entire staff has worn them and believe us, we were all pretty hesitant about wool as well. If you have any questions just get in touch with us! Email us at