Silver: More Than a Shiny Precious Metal

Did you know that you get more out of your yogurt if you eat it with a plastic spoon, as opposed to a silver spoon? Sounds kind of weird, but hear me out.

Besides the fact that it is a tasty snack in the form of a smoothie, parfait, or just by itself, yogurt is also a healthy food that should be the staple of your diet. One of the main health benefits gained from eating yogurt is probiotics, the bacteria culture that aids in healthy digestion. So what is it about the silver spoon that makes this yogurt less, well, yogurt-like? One of the unique characteristics about the Silver element is that it has anti-bacteri – get it now?? Yogurt = good bacteria, silver = killer of all bacteria, bad and good. While this may not be the best for your yogurt, it can be good for preventing harmful bacteria in other foods. In the past the USDA has approved silver for its antibacterial benefits, but its application would prove to be even more useful in the medical field, here's how:

Juzo Silver Soft

For many years, Juzo has been the leader in advancing education and awareness about lymphedema, leg health, and venous disease. Typically with these health conditions, the necessity for compression stockings also comes with the necessity for skin care as well. When the legs swell beyond the point of being contained by the skin, the skin usually breaks, causing excess fluids to weep or even worse cause infection. Having an open wound on your skin is already bad enough, but having to wear a tight compression stocking with low breathability is less than ideal for such a situation. However, in order for your legs to heal, you need the compression to make the swelling go down first. So how do you deal with both at the same time?

The Juzo Silver Soft is the answer. Knit with silver threads, the stocking provides anti-bacterial properties that can help your wound heal while still wearing compression. Even if you don't have an open wound, the silver is also great for managing moisture and odor caused from sweat. This medical grade compression stocking, if worn daily, can greatly help manage the swelling and discomfort in your legs.

Wearing compression can be a tricky ordeal. There is a lot to learn about and a lot of different factors that can contribute to or further complicate the situation. But fear not! That's why you have us to help you. Our team at LegSmart are all professional certified fitters, and we are very knowledgeable about compression and leg health. If you are unsure about whether or not you need compression, see your doctor first. Once you've been recommended, come back and give us a call or email. Email us at