My Legs are Swelling After Surgery. What Do I Do?

Just had surgery so why the swelling? Whenever the body goes through a trauma whether due to an accident or surgery such as total knee, partial knee, hip replacement or a meniscus tear repair, there will be swelling to the affected area.

This swelling is natural but can impede healing. Graduated compression stockings, either knee high or thigh high will help the body rid itself of the swelling, and increase the speed of recovery. While using the graduated compression, ice therapy will also reduce swelling and pain. If you are not sure of the level of compression, contact your doctor's office about the swelling and discomfort so your doctor can advise you on the level of compression.

If the swelling becomes more pronounced especially in the calf area, contact your doctor's office immediately, because there is a small chance you may have a blood clot (DVT) which can be life threatening. Your doctor will usually recommend a vascular ultrasound of the leg to determine if a blood clot has formed.

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