Need em? Gotta Wear em!

Most people dread wearing compression. They are associated with those ugly hospital stockings that are uncomfortable and too tight. But what happens if you don't wear them?

Many times, the need for compression comes from a hereditary condition, and other times it is due to a secondary cause such as a result from injury, post-surgery, or from being sedentary. Regardless, wearing compression is crucial and there are very few alternatives that are more convenient or comfortable. If you don't wear compression, chances are your legs will only get worse, which will necessitate an even stronger compression, or even a very expensive custom made garment. Think about compression as medicine (Except compression does not technically cure anything, bear in mind). If you go to the doctor and he says you have strep throat, the only way to get better is to take the antibiotics he prescribes. If you don't take them, well what do you think is going to happen? Same concept applies to compression. Moral of the story: Nip it in the bud early!

The two most common issues of uncomfortable compression are that they are too hot, or they just don't feel like they fit right. To address comfort in heat, there are many great sports socks and wool socks that are cotton or wool that are cooler wearing. Some of these are even available in a medical grade 20-30 mmHg, so you can still get sufficient support while staying comfortable.

If you suspect the fit is incorrect, read our guide on how to put on compression stockings properly. Most of the time people complain they are too tight or aren't the right size, but compression is supposed to give you a good squeeze on your legs. Typically simply distributing the material properly makes all the difference in how it feels once it's on.

If you're still having trouble getting comfortable with your compression, get in touch with the staff at LegSmart so that one of our certified compression fitters can help you find a good fit. Our goal is to educate everyone about compression, and show them that it is not an uncomfortable medical remedy, but great for everyday prevention as well. Email us any time at: