Latex Free Compression Stockings

Yes, all but two products are latex free!

Those two products are our latex donning gloves and the Sigvaris Natural Rubber which is a more rigid material used to contain excessive swelling. However, not to worry, because we do have comparable latex-free substitutes for each of those products.

All compression stockings are made without latex for the sake of providing a breathable wear, as well as protecting the patient's skin condition. The main composition of the stockings are a mixture of Lycra and spandex fibers, and some models contain cotton. These fibers are all wrapped twice for firm containment, easy donning, and comfortable wear.

Some of the products that we recommend for those with particularly sensitive skin are any of the Sigvaris Cotton Models, Juzo Silver Soft, and Mediven Plus. If you have any questions with fabric choices, measuring or sizing, please do not hesitate to contact us! We want to ensure that your stockings are the right fit and will be comfortable for you. You can email us at: