Hypoallergenic Compression Stockings

Fortunately, all compression stockings are hypoallergenic!

Although these are elastic stockings, the fabrics used to make compression stockings are all hypoallergenic. The nylon/spandex blend of yarns are latex-free and gentle to the skin. Some stockings even have silver threads knit into them for anti-bacterial properties that can improve your skin condition. Here are some of the models that come highly recommended for particularly sensitive skin:

Great for Daily Wear:

Sigvaris Well-Being Line

The Sigvaris Well-Being line is great for everyday wear because they have all different styles of socks including Casual Cotton, Athletic Recovery, Sheer Fashion, and Business Casual. These 15-20mmHg stockings are versatile in that you have many fabric options for different occasions, and they're comfortable enough to wear all day.

Sigvaris Cotton 230 Series

The Sigvaris Cotton 230 Series is a thin, breathable stocking for those who prefer to have cotton. The outside composition of the stocking is still the nylon and spandex blend, but the inside is lined with a very soft and comfortable Supima cotton. One small thing to note is that the top band is folded over from the outside, so the inside of the top band is not fully cotton.

Best Medical Grade Stockings:

Juzo Silver Soft

The Juzo Silver Soft, as its name implies, is one of the models that contains silver threads for anti-bacterial properties. It is a very comfortable and soft stocking, great for wearing all day.

Mediven Plus

The Mediven Plus recently added a new feature by lining the inside of the stocking with Zinc, which provides anti-fungal properties. This reduces odor as well as prevents bacteria from building up if you have a break in your skin or have an open wound.

Out of all the products we carry, these three are just some of the popular suggestions for sensitive skin. The only two products that are not hypoallergenic are our latex donning gloves, and the Sigvaris Natural Rubber, which contains latex for a more rigid support. Try out the different fabric options to see which one you like best. Got questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime. Our staff are all certified fitters and are very knowledgeable about compression. Feel free to email at: support@legsmart.com