Juzo: Leaders in Lymphedema Education

Lymphedema is a condition where your body retains localized fluids due to a compromise in your lymphatic system. This condition is either hereditary or as a result of injury or post-surgical procedures. The main symptom of lymphedema is excessive localized swelling in the affected area. The swelling from lymphedema can be moderate to severe, and if not managed properly the fluid buildup can cause skin to become fibrotic, meaning thick and hardened. First you should see a certificated lymphedema drainage therapist for massage draining and wrapping if the swelling is severe. There are plenty of websites that provide comprehensive information about lymphedema, different causes, and understanding the condition.

Unfortunately there is no cure for lymphedema, but luckily there are effective means of maintaining the symptoms of swelling: compression stockings. Compression stockings aid in making sure that the skin does not get tough, and the limbs do not get too enlarged. Juzo is one of the best compression manufacturers in terms of specializing for lymphedema. Not only do they make a great line of ready-made comfortable compression stockings, but they excel in making fabrics and custom garments specifically for managing symptoms of Lymphedema. In addition, the team at Juzo is dedicated to not only providing the highest quality garments, but also making efforts to properly educate patients, doctors, and therapists about lymphedema. In medical school, lymphedema is only briefly touched on, so you would be surprised how few doctors really know much about this condition!

Once the lymphedema is under control compression stockings need to be worn to keep the lymph fluid circulating, with the ultimate goal of preventing fibrotic tissue. Depending on the amount of swelling and how far advanced your symptoms are, the doctor or lymphedema specialist will be able to prescribe the appropriate compression strength but you will need to consult a compression fitting expert to find the proper fabric and fit. Most of the times you can get a ready-made stockings that fit your needs, but more extreme cases sometime require a custom made-to-measure garment. If a custom garment is necessary, you must be measured by a Custom Certified Fitter who will make recommendations based on the severity of swelling as well as the measurements of your legs. Here are some great ready-made options you may want to consider:

Juzo Dynamic Varin

The Juzo Dynamic Varin is a bit thicker than the Soft fabric, and will be better in containing abnormally shaped, excessive swelling than the softer, more flexible fabrics.

Juzo Silver Soft

This Juzo Silver Soft is a part of the Soft line, which a slight modification. This stocking has silver threads knitted right in the fabric which serve to provide anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties to the stocking. This is great for those with breaking skin and skin color changes.

It is very important to be constantly vigilant with wearing your compression stockings consistently in order to maintain your skin condition as well as the swelling of your limbs. Your Lymphedema massage therapist will be very helpful with massage exercises you can do to keep the fluid moving as well as keeping the skin healthy. In addition, our team at LegSmart is always ready and willing to help with any fitting or compression related questions you may have. Our staff are all certified fitters in both ready-made and custom garments, so please contact us! You can email us anytime: Support@LegSmart.com or give us a call at: (425)880-7893. Remember: lymphedema doesn’t go away, so make sure you do your part to keep the swelling at bay!