Sigvaris Natural Rubber: Proper Containment of Excessive Swelling

Many times swelling caused by lymphedema is very aggressive and worsens quickly if the patient does not begin wearing compression immediately. Although the amount of swelling varies among individuals, it is always best to wear compression earlier on so that the swelling is more manageable. In some cases, the swelling can occur so rapidly such that the skin becomes taut, even hardened on the surface. This is called cellulitis, and sometimes the skin can even break and begin weeping the retained fluid in your legs. This can lead to infections, ulcers, and in the worst case scenario, amputations. This is not meant to scare you, but rather to show you how quickly things can get out of hand if not managed with compression properly.

If you have lymphedema and you have tried wearing ready-made compression garments before, you must know that finding a good fit/fabric combination can be a little tricky. Without going into an expensive custom-made garment, the ready-made fabrics can be the biggest challenge to getting the most effective compression stocking for your needs. Many times the softer fabrics tend to bind or roll that cause discomfort and can even worsen the condition. However, don’t be discouraged! Sigvaris has a very great ready-made product for this very purpose: the Natural Rubber 500 series.

Quick disclaimer: The Natural Rubber is one of the only compression garments made by Sigvaris that does contain latex, so be careful if you have an allergy!

Sigvaris came out with the Natural Rubber in order to offer a practical ready-made stocking that is not as expensive as a custom garment, but will still provide the rigid medical efficacy of graduated compression needed to manage swelling due to lymphedema. Because this is a fairly rigid and thick material, Sigvaris offers a cotton underliner with 10-15 mmHg to make the rubber stocking easier to pull on and provide a more comfortable wear overall. The Natural Rubber comes in Knee, Thigh, and Pantyhose styles, in most of the medical grade compression levels starting from 30-40 mmHg and higher. Speak with your doctor to see if this product would be appropriate for you, and give us a call to get help with measuring, sizing and ordering! You can reach us through email: or call us any time at (425) 880-7893.