A Compression Sock for Every Sport: CEP

The warmer weather is here and that means it's the season for outdoor fitness. Whether it's for running, biking, or hiking high-tech fitness apparel will have you looking trendy and physically feeling great. CEP Sports compression stockings and sleeves are very trendy and a great accessory to have for a workout. Not only are they available in fun colors, they're great for keeping your legs healthy and energized while you exercise. Wearing CEP compression stockings or sleeves help to prevent build up of lactic acid and aides in keeping your muscles well oxygenated and energized during your workout. CEP Compression garments are available to suit may different fitness personas. Here are a few of our favorite CEP products:


Available for both men and women, this sports sleeve covers the leg area above the ankle to just below the knee. The compression in the CEP Calf Sleeve helps to keep the calf muscle energized and helps in shortening recovery time. With so many color options available, you're bound to find one that will catch your eye! *Fun tip: Represent your team colors by wearing different colored CEP calf sleeves!

Running Compression Sock

These are great sports socks to wear for both during your workout and recovery. Ideal for marathon runners, they will help your legs to stay well energized and may help to improve your running time. The CEP Running Compression Socks are also available in several colors for men and women and, just like the calf sleeves, are also available in neon! *Fun (and safe!) tip: If you're a night runner, run with a pair of CEP neon sleeves or running socks on. They have reflector spots that run up the legs so that others passing by can easily spot you!

CEP Hiking Compression Sport Sock

One physical activity many people are anxiously waiting for is hiking. Nothing beats getting outdoors with the sun shining on you and fresh air all around you. Throughout your hiking journey, whether you're a beginning hiker or an expert, wear your CEP Hiking Compression Sport Socks to keep your muscles going and feeling great throughout your entire hike. With padding along the bottom portion of the sock's foot, it's is an ideal accessory for both your leg health and comfort during your summer hikes this year. *Fun tip: Set a hiking goal and challenge yourself! Experience a hike that may be a bit longer than what you're used to or take on a trail that is a little hillier than what you've hiked through in the past. Always have your CEP Hiking Compression Socks on you and you just might meet your challenge by the end of the summer! Happy Hiking! What is your favorite kind of CEP Sportswear?