Sheer vs. Opaque. Which One Should I Choose?

Sheer and opaque compression stockings make for a great fashionable option to keep your legs healthy and looking great. However, one of the most common questions I hear about these two particular stockings is, "But which one is better?" Here are some differences between these two stockings that may help to answer this question.

Sheer Compression Stockings

Because sheer compression stockings are thinner in material than an opaque stocking, they are great to wear during seasons with warmer weather. These stockings are also more transparent than the opaque styles and are often times worn more frequently as an elegant stocking. However, avoid a sheer stocking if you have moderate to severe edema, or swelling. With moderate to severe swelling it is best to wear a compression stocking that is a bit thicker and that will have better containment, such as an opaque stocking.

Wear SHEER compression stockings when...

  • Travelling to an area with warmer climate
  • The weather is warmer
  • Going to a fancy dinner, event, etc.

Opaque Compression Stockings

Opaque compression stockings are not as transparent as a sheer stocking. The opaque stockings would be a great candidate for colder months but if you want to maintain a fashionable look at the same time. Compared to the sheer compression stockings, they will keep your legs much warmer. Opaque compression stockings typically pair up better with looser fitting shoes. When wearing a sheer stocking inside of a loosely fit shoe, such as tennis shoes, your shoe may end up being a bit too roomy.

Wear OPAQUE compression stockings when...

  • the weather is cooler
  • Wearing looser fitting shoes
  • You have moderate to severe edema

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