Sigvaris Well-Being Line: A Sock for Every Occasion

As we approach the warmer seasons, it is important for you to be comfortable in your compression. Many times people are discouraged to wear compression in warmer weather because the nylon/spandex blend is not quite as breathable as other fabrics. However, Sigvaris does a great job in making a line of products for men and women that are great for everyday wear. These 15-20 mmHg knee high compression socks are great for travelling, preventing light swelling, and promoting healthy circulation through your legs. Here are some of our favorites you should try:


Sigvaris Casual Cotton:

This thin but durable cotton sock is comfortable to wear all day, and won't be too hot or bulky. Throughout your day you'll even forget that you’re wearing compression.

Sigvaris Athletic Recovery:

Like the casual cotton, this sock is made with mostly cotton, but with added dri-release materials for wicking away heat and moisture. Great for wearing during or after exercise to reduce lactic acid buildup.

For Men:

Sigvaris Business Casual:

For the working man, this sock has a modern ribbed design on it that will make you look and feel like a professional. Even though the compression causes the sock to be tight on the skin, the ribbing of the sock does not leave prominent marks on your legs.

For Women:

Sigvaris Sheer Fashion:

This thin, breathable nylon stocking will make it appear as if you're not even wearing compression. The sheer stockings are great because they are fashionable, have many color options, and most importantly, accurate and comfortable compression

These are only a few of our favorite picks; Sigvaris has many other options that are great for casual, dress, and even exercise. Try out some of them and let us know which ones are your favorite. Need help finding a product or finding your right size? Please call (425) 880-7893 or email us: and we would gladly help you out.