Which Fabric is Best for Containing Excessive Swelling?

When you have excess swelling in your feet, legs, or even arms, it is always best to see a physician to address the source of the swelling.  Whether it is due to Lymphedema, a drug side effect or a post-surgery inflammation, the doctor should be able to recommend compression level that would be best for your health situation. Based on where your swelling is mostly localized, the doctor will also recommend knee, thigh, or pantyhose/leotard styles. If you choose not to see a doctor, just remember: more compression means quicker rate of return to the heart.

Once you have determined the level of compression, let us help you guide you through the measuring and fitting process. First, you will need to take a few simple measurements of your legs. Once you have those, use the respective sizing charts of each brand to find the right size. For fabrics, the best material is a thicker non-sheer material. The more pliable the material the more it will allow swelling to continue. The heavier the material, the more it will contain the swelling. This is true whether the compression is low or high. To contain excessive swelling, try any one of these products: Medi Comfort, Juzo Varin , Sigvaris Soft Opaque and Select Comfort. As always, please do gives us a call: (425) 880-7893 or email us: Support@LegSmart.com if you have any questions. We are all certified fitters and we're here to help!