Compression Guide: Warm Weather

During the spring and summer months we can't help but show more skin. The weather gets hotter so naturally we shed the layers. Because of this, many compression wearers dread being too hot as well as showing their compression to the world. While simply not wearing them can sometimes be the solution, there will be times where you just really need to. However, we have solutions! Below are some compression alternatives that are a bit more fashion-friendly as well as cooler wearing for those hotter days.

Open-toe Compression Stockings

These are great option to have for the summer when you'll be wearing lots of sandals and flip-flops. With the toe portion of these stockings cut off, your feet and toes will breathe much better during the warmer months and you won't have any bunched material between your toes in those flip-flops!

Sheer Compression Stockings for Women

For the ladies, a compression stocking that is of a more sheer material is much more cooling during the spring and summer. While still giving your legs the compression and support they need, the thinner material allows for a better breeze on your skin. Heck, go for a sheer stocking with an open-toe!

Athletic Compression Stockings & Sleeves

The warmer weather is no excuse for us to stop working out. If anything, the beautiful sunshine will make us want to get out there even more. While you're going to be showing your legs during your summer run, why not do so in a fashionable (and healthy!) way? Athletic Compression Stockings or sleeves are available in a variety of colors to go with a summer theme or to match your new workout apparel! Better yet, they will improve your performance and recovery by aiding in lactic acid build up and keeping your calf muscles well oxygenated during your workout or run.

Sure, the warmer months mean showing more skin but don't let that take over your motivation to wear compression to keep your legs happy and healthy! Try one of our fashionable suggestions and let us know what you think!