Product Review: Sigvaris Casual Cotton

If you’re looking for a casual compression sock, the Sigvaris Casual Cotton compression sock is a great choice. It looks just like a regular cotton sock so people will have no idea that you're even wearing a compression stocking!


One of my favorite features of this sock is the overall feel of it. Besides the improved circulation it gives my legs, the feel of the Supima Cotton that is in this sock feels great against the skin. It is a very soft and comfortable wear and I find that it is much more cooling than thicker the thicker compression stockings that resemble an athletic sock. The toe portion of this sock is also really nice because it's non-restricting. Oftentimes, people worry about having too much tightness on their toes when wearing compression stockings. This particular sock does not constrict on the toes so it gives your toes more wiggle room.


While Sigvaris also offers a thicker sock, such as the cushioned cotton, many people prefer a compression sock that has the cotton feel but isn't quite as thick and warm as a cushioned cotton or athletic sock. The Sigvaris Casual Cotton compression sock is the answer. The thickness of this sock is very similar to that of a regular cotton sock so it doesn't take up too much room at all in your shoes.


The Sigvaris Casual Cotton consists of nylon and spandex as well as Supima Cotton. The cotton in this sock makes it much more durable than a compression stocking consisting only of nylon and spandex. Feel free to wear these compression socks in regular tennis shoes or boots!

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars - Very comfortable sock to wear on any casual occasion!

4.5 star rating

Comfortable: Not too hot, not too cold. This compression sock isn't as thick as the Sigvaris Cushioned Cotton so it's a great choice to wear for the months that are a bit warmer but you'll still get that cotton feel.

Casual: Like the name implies, this is a very casual-looking sock. There's no need to worry about people thinking you're wearing a medical stocking; it looks just like a regular cotton sock!