Product Review: Sigvaris 602 Diabetic Compression Socks

Sigvaris is known for having the widest variety of products with many different fabrics, and their new Diabetic compression sock is an excellent addition to their product line. The soft, thick-padded foot along with the non-irritating toe seam make for a great sock not only for diabetic patients, but also anyone with sensitive or tender feet.


A soft, padded sole with non-binding top and non-irritating toe seam make this one of the most comfortable compression socks. The seam is on the outside to keep it from irritating the toes or toenails while wearing this sock. While this sock is meant to provide accurate 18-25 mmHg of compression, it is relatively softer and less intense for those with sensitive legs and feet.


Although it is called the Diabetic Compression Sock, this versatile compression sock can be used by both the diabetic and non-diabetic patients, and because these require measurements to size, the fit is accurate and comfortable. The Diabetic Compression sock is latex free, has FreshGuard for odor control and dri-release to wick moisture. This Diabetic Compression sock is a very casual looking sock and only comes in white.


The Diabetic compression sock is very durable can be used both at work, while exercising or working in the yard. It is very helpful in keeping the legs warm, comfortable and energized. The padded foot with the outside seam is excellent for feet that need extra pampering or care.

Our Rating: 4 ½ stars - Sigvaris' Diabetic sock is excellent for everyone.

4.5 star rating

Dynamic: Casual sock for everday use especially for those tender feet.

Comfortable: Soft material, graduated compression that energizes the feet and legs while keeping the feet comfortable.