Product Review: Mediven Comfort

mediven comfort box

The Mediven Comfort Compression Stocking is a medically effective and comfortable stocking. Because of the precise measurements of the available sizes, this stocking also gives more precise compression to your legs. A great stocking for casual or dressy occasions, the Medi comfort is an ideal choice for preventative purposes as well as more advanced leg health complications such as swelling or varicose veins.


The Mediven Comfort series comes in 15-20, 20-30 and 30-40mmHg compression levels. It is available in styles from knee-hi all the way up to maternity pantyhose. The Comfort series is a unisex stocking that is available in open toe for larger shoe sizes or additional toe comfort.


Made with Clima Fresh technology, the premium material of this stocking is very breathable. This material of the Mediven Comfort also gives it the feature of releasing moisture when needed so it is warm, yet breathable, during the colder months but cool and moisture-wicking in the warmer months.


While maintaining a fashionable look, the Mediven Comfort series is a more opaque and slightly more durable material than a sheer stocking. Its advanced technology material makes this compression stocking easy to both apply and remove.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars – Great stocking!

4.5 star rating

Comfortable: Knee-hi styles designed with a non-binding top band, thigh-hi stockings include a comfortable beaded silicone band to ensure placement of the stocking, and pantyhose come with an optional adjustable waistband for extra comfort.

Effective: With seven different sizes according to circumference measurements, this stocking gives you a very precise fitting with a more snug fit.

Variety: Available in three different levels of compression and comes in ALL styles!