Exercise and Running Gear: Five Essentials

The biggest issue that many people struggle with when it comes to exercise is finding the motivation to get out of the door. Mental barriers prevent you from taking action and excuses are made. However, with all the technology available to us nowadays, exercise routines are made much more enjoyable when we have useful tools to either motivate us, or just help us along the way. Some people plug into their iPod, turn off their minds, and just run. Others like to use devices to track their heart rate and see how many calories were burned. In addition, there are fun mobile apps that help you compete against friends or against yourself for rewards. Sometimes our minds are our biggest obstacles, so it helps to have ways of keeping track of your exercise plan. In this article we have highlighted five different types of exercise gear that will enhance your performance and motivate you to work out more.

1) Nike Fuel Band:


The band that moves with you, this cool piece of gear helps you set goals for your daily activities and keeps track of your stats. Like a personal fitness agenda reminder, the Fuel Band tracks your progress with its built in accelerometer and shows you your progress throughout the day. Throughout the week, the fuel band shows you how close you are to your goals, and gives you “achievements” when you complete them. This sleek and trendy watch will truly motivate you and change the way you work out.

2) Jabra Sport:


The Jabra Sport is a great bluetooth headset stays out of your way no matter how intense or demanding your workout may be. The slim design of the earpiece hooks behind your ears, and the speakers deliver excellent sound quality whether you are listening to the radio, your mp3 player, or taking a call. Also, these cool headphones are made to work with most fitness apps which give you speed and distance updates on your run with the push of a button.

3) Garmin Forerunner 610:


For many people it helps to be able to track the speed, distance, route, heart rate or calories burned on a run. Some iPhone apps show you this information, but not everyone likes to bring their phone with them during exercise. A solution to this is the Garmin Forerunner. When researching this product it's better to ask what it doesn't do. While the price tag is quite hefty, this device is fit for equipping the most avid runner for any situation. The touch-screen watch makes it easy to configure and use, and the GPS not only tracks your distance travelled but can also navigate you back to your start point.

4) Sigvaris Performance Running Compression Sleeve:


Wearing compression garments during exercise is continually gaining popularity in the athletic world, and the Sigvaris Compression Running Sleeve is leading the way. Not only do these garments provide you with the proper support for good running form, but they also serve to reduce lactic acid buildup, prevent shin splints, and reinforce crucial ligaments. The accurate gradient compression channels excess fluids out of your legs and back up to your heart, providing you with proper circulation during even the most intense workouts. Sigvaris offers these sleeves in many modern and vibrant colors that are sure to catch others' attention, while keeping you performing ahead of the game.

5) GymPact:


Incentivize your workout with GymPact, a mobile app that was created by a Harvard graduate. It's simple; set a goal for yourself to go to the gym "x" amount of times in a week, and get rewarded for completing your goals. For every day that you go to the gym, check in with the app and it will be recorded; miss a day and you pay up (literally). In the set up process, you choose a reasonable goal for yourself, as well as how much to be penalized for missing a day (minimum $5, and increasing in increments of 5). Every week the app will calculate how many days you went and how many days you missed. Based on this, you will be paid or deducted a certain amount of money.

All of these products are not meant to miraculously make you the athlete you always wanted to be. They are, however, meant to be fun ways to motivate you and help you get out of your boring old routine. Some things work better for one person over another, so try a couple of these out and let us know which ones you like. Remember, exercise is meant only for your health at the end of the day. How you achieve it is up to you; these are only tools to guide you along the way.