Which Compression Stocking Should I Wear?

Compression may be confusing to a first time wearer. You need to take measurements of your legs, find the appropriate compression, and then choose from a seemingly endless amount of materials. In addition, the various activities throughout your daily routine call for different outfits and styles. So which compression sock is the best for you? Here is a small guide to point you in the right direction.

Everyday Wear

Casual Cotton

If you want the support from compression, but want to feel like you're just wearing cotton socks, then this one is the right choice for you. The Sigvaris Casual Cotton is a unisex sock that is very soft and comfortable to wear all day. Whether you're going on a walk or playing with the kids, this sock is both lightweight and durable for any activity you engage in.

Athletic Recovery

After a long day at work, sometimes you just want to rest. The Sigvaris Athletic Recovery will help your legs feel refreshed, no matter how tough of a day you had. The soft yet durable polyester/spandex blend will give you the graduated compression to reduce leg fatigue and increase circulation to your legs.

Exercise and Working Out

CEP Sports Line

The entire CEP Sports line is great for any outdoor activity, particularly because they tailor different socks for different sports. Whether you are skiing hiking, biking, or running, CEP engineers the sock to help you perform at your best all while maintaining the highest level of comfort.

Sigvaris Performance

Sigvaris has done an excellent job in making a quality performance line that is both durable and stylish. The running sleeves are ideal for any athlete and the fabric will not deteriorate in chlorine or salt water. The running sock has a great Dri-Release technology for a comfortable wear and superb breathability.

Work and Business Meetings

Men: Business Casual

The Sigvaris Business Casual is a modern ribbed compression sock that is great for the workplace. The fashionable striped design looks professional, and the wider toe box makes for a comfortable wear at work, all throughout your dinner date.

Women: Soft opaque

This soft premium material is very versatile, easy to put on, and comfortable to wear. Wear these with any dress or business suit and no one will be able to tell that you are wearing compression. The Soft Opaque by Sigvaris is one of the most popular and fashionable compression stockings for women. The various color choices give you the freedom to match with a number of different outfits.

Out on the Weekends

Men: Classic Ribbed

Whether you're on a date or out with friends, this sock is great for a casual but classy wear. The wide top band won't constrict your legs and the wide heel and bubble toe provide extra comfort for your feet. The classic striped pattern is subtle and doesn't leave marks on your legs.

Women: Naturally Sheer

The Naturally Sheer compression stockings look and feel like nylons, but are more durable and don’t snag as easily. Wear the thigh high stockings alone as leggings or with a dress. The Naturally Sheer has a nice shiny finish to it, so it will go great with any outfit and make you stand out.


Mediven Motion

With its Clima-Comfort technology, the Mediven Motion Sport is a great sock for comfortable travel. The breathable fabric and flat seams will allow you to wear these for long trips in the car or on the plane.

Sigvaris Sheer Fashion

This thin and fashionable stocking is comfortable enough to wear all day. With various lengths and open toe options, you have the freedom to wear full length or just knee high stockings. The soft material will ensure comfort through all of your travels.

This guide barely scratches the surface of the many different styles that compression has to offer. These are just some of the products that we feel customers have been the most satisfied with. Compression is moving towards a new direction of fashionable and comfortable stockings such that it will encourage people to wear them every day for a healthy lifestyle. Try out the different stockings and let us know which ones you like! If you like a certain material but would like different options, don't hesitate to call our Customer Care Team to get some advice.

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