Fashion Compression Stockings for Women

One of the most common discouragements several women have about wearing Compression Stockings is the appearance. There is a common myth that because Compression Stockings are for medical purposes, then they must be hideous looking. Believe it or not ladies, there are several styles of compression stockings available that will give you the health benefit your legs need while allowing you to be fashionable at the same time! Check out some of our top picks for the most fashionable Compression Stockings for women!


Juzo Naturally Sheer


Juzo's Naturally Sheer Compression Stockings are a beautiful choice for a fancy night out. The sheerness of this stocking has a faint glistening effect in the light, hiding any clue that you’re even wearing a compression stocking. Try the Juzo Naturally Sheer Thigh High’s or Pantyhose with an elegant skirt or dress

Medi Sheer & Soft


Medi's Sheer and Soft Compression Stockings are another stylish option. One of the softest sheer stockings available, the Sheer and Soft is a very natural looking stocking similar to the look of your typical nylon stockings but with the benefit of compression. Try the Medi Sheer and Soft smoke or ebony colors with a brightly colored dress or skirt.

Sigvaris Sheer Fashion


Sigvaris Sheer Fashion Compression Stockings are the sheerest stocking available. Pros: This stocking is very sheer with a very slick look and is nearly identical to regular non-medical nylons. It is available in both dark colors and a range of skin tone colors. Cons: Although it has a reinforced toe and heel to help prevent runs, be a little extra cautious of the extra sheer material of this stocking. Try the Sigvaris Sheer Fashion with a nice pair of heels or flats.

Sigvaris EverSheer


Sigvaris EverSheer Compression Stockings are a sheer option available in 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg, and even 30-40mmHg. Though not as soft to the touch as some of the other sheer options the EverSheer is available in Open Toe in Knee High, Thigh High and Pantyhose styles (Pantyhose styles utilize a control top to avoid any uncomfortable binding). Try the Sigvaris EverSheer Knee Highs with a pair of dress pants.

Sigvaris Soft Opaque


Sigvaris Soft Opaque Compression Stockings are another very attractive option, particularly if you want to avoid a sheer style or want something a bit durable than the sheer styles. As its name implies, the Soft Opaque material is very soft to the touch with a transparency similar to that of a pair of tights or leggings. Thigh High styles come with silicone top band that covers a large amount of the bands surface area, thus ensuring the band will stay in place all day long. Try the Sigvaris Soft Opaque black Knee Highs, Thigh Highs or Pantyhose with a pair of casual or dressy boots.

There are several fashionable choices available for Women's Compression Stockings. Whether you are looking for an elegant sheer material, a casual but still rather transparent material, or a material that is a bit more opaque, there are options for nearly any occasion! Wear these stylish Compression Stockings without anyone knowing you're even wearing compression (only your legs will know)!