Sigvaris Soft Opaque Compression Stockings

The Sigvaris Soft Opaque compression stocking is an elegant stocking designed for Women. If you’re looking for a nice looking compression stocking that isn’t quite sheer, the Soft Opaque is a great choice. This stocking is an extremely soft nylon and spandex blend that is both easy to put on and comfortable to wear, no matter how high of a compression it is.

Variety of Styles, Great for any Wardrobe

This Compression Stocking is available in both Over the Counter and Medical Grade compression levels. Offered in all styles with a great selection of colors (select colors available with Open Toe)!

Knee: With its stylish and comfortable features the Soft Opaque Knee High stockings work great for dress pants or long skirts. Wear them in dress shoes, tennis shoes, or any style of boots!

Thigh: One of the most common concerns when selecting Thigh High stockings is its ability to stay in place on the leg. Fear not! Sigvaris Soft Opaque Thigh High stockings have a top band fully covered with a thin layer of silicone to ensure that the band stays in place all day long. Great to wear with medium length dresses or under a pair of leggings, these stockings will stay in place on your legs while keeping them energized.

Pantyhose: Sigvaris Pantyhose are a great option to wear with dresses and skirts. With a control top and the stylish look of the Soft Opaque no one will even know you’re wearing compression stockings! These full length pantyhose will give your legs compression from top to bottom. Sigvaris Soft Opaque also available in Maternity Pantyhose style.

Fashionable Colors

With just the right balance between elegance and casualness the Soft Opaque by Sigvaris is a great stocking for several occasions – work, a night out, or simply just for daily comfort! The wide selection of colors makes this stocking a versatile part of any of your outfits. Wear them alone as leggings, or with a dress. However you decide to wear them, you will have the confidence in knowing that you are providing your legs with the proper compression without compromising fashion.