Product Review: Sigvaris Business Casual

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The Sigvaris Business Casual compression sock is a modern dress sock designed by Sigvaris for Men. It replaces the Sigvaris Classic Dress for Men, which was made popular by its contemporary ribbed pattern. The Business Casual echoes that Classic Dress style with its own new stripped pattern.


The Sigvaris Business Casual compression sock is one of the new products in Sigvaris’ reboot of its over the counter 15-20 mmHg compression sock line. Now called the Sigvaris Well Being, this new series of products, which includes the Sigvaris Business Casual puts the emphasis on fashion and comfort. Sigvaris has made the Business Casual a good looking sock. If someone saw you wearing the sock, they wouldn’t even know you were wearing compression. The Business Casual holds up to rigorous fashion standards and looks truly professional and the stripped pattern doesn’t leave too many marks on your leg. It’s available in several colors that won’t fade over numerous washes. We’ve been testing the Sigvaris Business Casual for 6 months now and the black pair that we have looks new.


It’s really easy to incorporate the Sigvaris Business Casual into your wardrobe. The design is fashionable for men and it’s available in black, navy, brown and charcoal colors. The comfortable over the counter 15-20 mmHg compression that Sigvaris puts into their Well Being products like the Business Casual is easy to wear. You can wear these to work during the day and keep them on for dinner that same night. We find that the Sigvaris Business Casual is appropriate to wear with dress pants, suits and even dressy denim. The Business Casual can be dressed up or down depending on the situation.


The material quality Sigvaris uses in the Business Casual is very good. This compression sock doesn’t snag or ball up will extended wear. The colors don’t fade or look tired after lots of washes. We’re impressed that such a soft and dressy looking material can hold up so well for men’s daily wear. The top band is stitched well and the toe box and heel are reinforced.

Our Rating of the Sigvaris Business Casual: 5 Stars – A Fantastic Reboot Worth Wearing

5 star rating

Practical – The Sigvaris Business Casual is a great compression sock for men.

Stylish – Professional colors and the slick new material allows the design of this compression sock to rival other designer dress socks.

Comfortable – The Sigvaris Business Casual compression sock doesn’t get tired on your legs after an entire day at work and an evening of going out.