Product Review: CEP Allsports Sleeve

The CEP Allsports Compression Sleeve is a superior athletic footless compression sleeve for both men and women. Designed with performance and comfort in mind, the CEP Allsports Sleeve will provide you with the compression you need to push yourself harder during your work out. The synthetic fibers are durable during rigorous exercise, and wick moisture away from the skin. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, the CEP Allsports Sleeve are the next big thing in sportswear.

CEP Allsports Sleeve


The CEP Allsports Sleeve is a great alternative to a full foot running sock. The footless sleeve gives you the freedom to wear all varieties of sports shoes, and the graduated compression provides you with increased stamina, and faster recovery time. The compression technology improves circulation to your legs, thus preventing lactic acid buildup after exercise which ultimately reduces leg fatigue. The ribbed design on the front provides a more rigid support which reduces the risk of shin splints. The soft zone on the back of the calf gives you a comfortable wear and prevents calf cramps. The CEP Allsports Sleeve is great for the sprinter, the marathoner, or any athlete who is looking to increase their performance.


Whether you are in the locker room or on the go, the CEP Allsports Sleeve should always be in your gym bag. The durable construction will provide you with consistent compression regardless of the amount of activity. The polyamide and spandex blend is easy to wash, and won't compromise in quality as quickly as other compression sleeves.


The CEP Allsports Sleeve is composed mostly of nylon and spandex, giving you a soft, comfortable wear while providing you with the appropriate compression. The anatomical fit and flat seams make you feel like you are not even wearing a compression sleeve. This will allow you to exercise for longer periods of time without feeling fatigued.

Our Rating: 4 Stars - Great!

Versatility – Wear the CEP Allsports Sleeve for any sport with any kind of shoes.

Variety – Tons of different colors to choose from, even night neon!

Simplicity – Less is more! Footless for comfort and practicality.