People Who Could Benefit from Compression Stockings

You might be surprised at how many people you know would benefit from receiving compression stockings and socks. In addition to helping treat a variety of medical conditions, from diabetes to lymphedema, compression stockings come in handy for many common situations. Here are some of the people in your life who might appreciate receiving compression socks this year.


Sports compression socks provide benefits for all kinds of athletic activity. For starters, sports compression socks can delay muscle soreness until after you have reached your workout goals, allowing athletes to push themselves to their very highest level of performance. After exercise, sports compression socks increase circulation in the feet, ankles and legs, helping built-up lactic acid to disperse quickly.

For the runners in your life, CEP sports compression socks and sleeves provide additional energy and oxygen to the muscles as well as allowing a faster recovery from strenuous training.

Pregnant Women

With the help of maternity compression stockings, women who are expecting can avoid many of the problems and challenges associated with pregnancy. For example, by wearing compression stockings, women can relieve symptoms related to circulation problems, such as spider veins, swollen ankles and varicose veins. The blood flow increases from the legs and feet back to the heart when you wear compression stockings; women who wear them throughout their pregnancies find they have more energy and less soreness in their legs.

Frequent Flyers

Long airplane flights lead to swollen ankles and feet. When you are forced to be inactive for a long period of time – combined with being in a pressurized cabin – blood clots and other circulation problems can develop. Travel compression socks can help prevent some of these dangers, making passengers safer as well as more comfortable when traveling.