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An increasing body of medical research shows compression socks can be instrumental in helping athletes recover from intense workouts. As more athletes have caught on to the benefits of wearing knee high compression stockings both during and after exercise, a new line of Sigvaris compression stockings has been developed to meet this growing need.

Sigvaris Athletic Recovery socks are the newest cotton offerings from the leading manufacturer of compression socks for athletes. They’re specifically engineered to counteract muscle soreness and fatigue in the legs following intense exercise. Here’s a look at some of the features of the latest line of Sigvaris compression stockings for athletes:

Reduced lactic acid

Clinical studies have proven that graduated knee high compression stockings help flush out lactic acids that build up in the legs during exercise. When worn during and after exercise, Sigvaris Athletic Recovery socks promote the flushing of lactic acids by encouraging blood flow in the veins.

Reduced muscle soreness

Delayed onset muscle soreness, a common experience following unaccustomed levels of exercise, can be reduced by as much as 28 percent by wearing knee high compression stockings, medical research has shown.

True graduated compression

While many manufacturers label their products as compression socks, often these imitations don’t offer true graduated compression. Rather, they use gimmicks such as a tight foot band or vertical striping to suggest compression. Sigvaris knee high compression stockings, on the other hand, provide true graduated compression from the ankle to the knee.

Moisture and odor control

Sigvaris compression stockings for athletic recovery feature patented DriRelease and Freshguard technologies to wick away moisture from the feet and eliminate odors for maximum comfort.