Mediven Sheer & Soft Compression Stockings that are Barely There

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As beneficial as compression stockings are for people with vein disease or other chronic leg problems, many wearers have voiced complaints about them. Complaints ranging from discomfort to inadequate moisture regulation to a lack of durability are often feedback given to compression stocking manufacturers. As compression garment technology has advanced, however, new high-tech knitting techniques have allowed many manufacturers to alleviate the problems commonly associated with compression pantyhose.

One such manufacturer is Mediven. Mediven compression stockings – particularly the Sheer & Soft line – have been laboratory proven to outperform traditional compression pantyhose. Here’s a look at the benefits of Medi compression hose.


Finding compression pantyhose that are soft and gentle enough to remain comfortable all day can be challenging. In a survey, more than 85 percent of compression hose wearers said they prefer Mediven compression stockings for softness.


Adequate moisture regulation in compression pantyhose has been difficult to come by. Independent laboratory tests found that Medi compression stockings transported moisture far faster than leading competitors.


Most women who wear compression pantyhose want to look stylish and avoid calling attention to their medical condition. Stocking wearers found Mediven Sheer & Soft  to be the most fashionable compression pantyhose available, and suitable for day or evening wear.


There is nothing more frustrating than snagging or damaging compression stockings the first time you put them on. In an independent laboratory test, Mediven compression stockings were found to be 38 percent more durable than other compression pantyhose. If you want even more protection from snags and damage while putting on your compression pantyhose, try using donning gloves.

Independent laboratory tests and stocking wearers agree that Medi compression stockings provide all the qualities you look for: comfort, style and durability.