Fashion Tips for Wearing Thigh High Compression Stockings

In the early days of the compression stocking, these garments were designed strictly to serve a medical function – not to look good. Because of these unattractive early compression stockings, women have come to think of the compression stocking as a fashion faux pas.

What many women don’t realize, however, is that today’s compression stocking is crafted with thoughtful details that will allow you to show off your fashion sense while still taking care of your leg health. With a variety of different styles to choose from, such as sassy and feminine thigh high compression stockings, you can wear them as a fashion accessory as well as a medical necessity.

Here are some tips for incorporating thigh high compression stockings:

Pair with a little black dress. Thigh high compression stockings can be worn under a basic dress to add a splash of sass or some added warmth. Try to keep the rest of your outfit classic and subdued, however, to avoid looking too risqué.

Wear with a skirt and Mary Janes. When it’s too warm for full-length pantyhose, wear black or navy thigh high compression stockings with a colorful skirt and cute shoes, such as Mary Janes or Oxford Heels, to add a blast of personality to your ensemble.

Slip on under your boots. Another trendy way to wear your thigh high compression stockings is under a pair of tall boots. Ideally, you want the top of each compression stocking to just peek out of the top of each boot. If you’re wearing calf-high boots, get the same effect with knee high compression socks; women who want to pull of this look can even find stockings made with silicone bands around the tops so they won’t slip down or roll over.