Tips to Prevent Snagging Your Compression Stockings

prevent getting snags in your compression stockings

After buying a pair of compression stockings, the last thing you want to do is snag them. Compression stockings are more expensive than traditional tights or pantyhose because the process to make compression stockings involves a complicated knitting process and high quality materials. Moreover, compression pantyhose undergo rigorous quality control measures and testing to make sure they provide wearers with the right amount of compression where it matters most.

To keep your compression stockings functioning at max capacity, consumers should take the following measures to prevent snags from forming or getting worse:

Use donning gloves

Resembling dishwashing gloves, donning gloves have textured palms and fingertips that allow you to grip your compression stockings as you dress. The gloves help prevent you from over-extending the elastic properties of the stocking, and they keep your fingernails from accidentally snagging or poking a hole in your compression support stockings.

Sprinkle some talcum or baby powder

When your skin is humid on a hot day, you may find it difficult to slide on your compression pantyhose – especially after a shower or after using lotion on your legs. Dust your feet and legs lightly with talcum or baby powder to help your compression stockings slide into place.

Properly care for Compression Stockings

Not caring for your compression support stockings properly can reduce their life, effectiveness, elasticity and material strength. Use detergent specifically made for compression stockings, and hand wash the socks in warm water the same night you wear them. After rinsing the compression stockings, pat them dry between two towels and hang them up to dry.

Nail polish trick

If you do accidentally snag your compression pantyhose, it’s not the end of the world. Brush clear nail polish onto a snag to prevent it from becoming worse.