4 Must Have Accessories for Compression Stockings

Compression stockings benefit your leg health by increasing the circulation in your legs. Here are 4 must have accessories for compression stockings that will keep your stockings, legs and you happy.

1. Get the right detergent for delicate clothing

Treat your compression stockings as delicate garments when you’re washing them. Avoid any kinds of wash that has softeners in it, such as Woolite. Softeners break down elastic, which is what you’re compression stockings are made of. We want to preserve the compression in your stockings but still cleanse the fabric. Consider using Sigvaris Cold Water Wash.

2. Super Grippy Donning Gloves

Compression stockings can be tricky to put on if you’re new to them or if you have limited mobility. Use the super grippy donning gloves to help give your hands that extra traction needed to help slide your stockings onto your legs. They’re a great accessory to have if you wear compression stockings every day.

3. It Stays Skin Adhesive

It Stays is a water based skin adhesive that helps hold stubborn compression stockings that want to slide down. Sometimes, knee high and thigh high top bands want to roll or slide down even though you have the right size. It Stays is the perfect solution for sticking the compression stocking onto your skin. Apply once a day when you’re putting on your compression stockings and use some warm water to remove at night. Wash your skin clean with warm water and gentle soap.

4. Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail polish helps seal up small holds and runs in your compression stockings. It’s practically invisible and it prevents small snags from turning into big holes.