5 Signs Your Compression Stockings Are a Bad Fit

Compression stockings are essential to your leg health. If they don’t fit well, it could become a big problem for keeping your legs healthy. Fit is such an important part of wearing compression stockings that you should always ask yourself how they’re fitting. The following are 4 easy ways you can tell if you compression stockings fit poorly.

1) My compression stockings are painful to wear

Your compression stockings should never be painful to wear. If they hurt, this is a sign that you are wearing a size that is too small or you’re wearing a compression that’s too strong. Check your size by taking new measurements of your legs. Look at the sizing charts to make sure that your measurements still fits properly within the sizing range. Then check to see if the level of compression of your stockings is appropriate. Talk to your doctor about what level of compression you should wear. Also, identify where the pain is coming from. If your toes hurt, consider wearing an open toe style so that your feet are not being squeezed. If an area behind your knee hurts, check to see that your stockings are not bunching up behind your knee.

2) My compression stockings slide down my legs

If your compression stockings are sliding down, check to see that the size is not too large. Sometimes as swelling reduces in your leg, the compression stockings may get looser and you’ll need to get another size. If you’ve been wearing your compression stockings for over 5-6 months, then it may be time to get a new pair. Compression stockings do wear out over time. In order to maintain the proper compression that’s being applied to your legs, it’s important to always wear compression stockings that have not lost their elasticity. Also check out these tips for if your compression stockings are falling down: http://www.legsmart.com/blogs/resources/6910696-my-compression-stockings-keep-falling-down-what-should-i-do

3) My compression stockings bunch up

Compression stockings should never bunch up when you’re wearing them. That’s an indication that they’re too long for you. Compression stockings usually come in 2 different lengths, a regular length and a short length. If your legs measures into a short length and you wear a regular length compression stocking, you’ll notice extra material when you pull them all the way up your leg. This bunching can cause the material to roll and form a tourniquet on your leg.

4) Even when I wear my compression stockings, I still get lots of swelling

If your compression stockings are not controlling the swelling in your legs, then it might be that you’re not wearing the right size or you’re not wearing the right level of compression. If you’re in a size that’s too big for you, then you may not be getting enough compression from your stocking. Check your sizing to make sure that your measurements still fit within the sizing ranges. Check your prescription or ask your doctor if the level of compression is right for you.

5) I can’t even put my compression stockings on

If you’re trying to put on a compression stocking and they don’t even go on your foot, you might have a compression stocking that’s way to small for you. Check the size on the stocking and check your measurements. It’s easy to accidentally get the wrong size.

Be sure to contact the LegSmart Customer Care Team if you have more questions about sizing and fit.

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August 30, 2013

If your compression stockings are sliding down, check to see that the size is not too large. They are to big for you.

rosalina delatorre
rosalina delatorre

August 25, 2013

Hi dear,
I have just buy my compression stocking 2 days ago here in panda pharmacy hong kong. But the problem when I wear it it keeps sliding down into my legs. Wat should I do? Do you have an idea about this problem?
Thanks a lot…

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