Tips for Wearing Compression Stockings in Summer

When people think of summer clothing, they think of loose fitting, lightweight clothes. But what about wearing compression stockings in the summer or in hot weather? Warmer temperatures can actually put more strain on the veins in your legs and increase lymphatic problems. Here are a few tips to minimize the discomfort of wearing compression stockings in hot weather.

  • Instead of wearing pantyhose, try wearing a knee high compression stocking. Knee high compression stockings are not as hot to wear as pantyhose.
  • Try open toe compression stockings. The open toe will allow you to wear sandals in hotter weather.
  • Wear compression stockings that are a skin tone color. Skin tone color allows the compression stocking to stay discrete if you to wear shorts or skirts.
  • When putting on your compression stockings, consider using donning gloves and some baby powder. The donning gloves make it easier for you to put on your compression stockings and the baby powder helps keep the skin smooth if you’re sweating.

We hope these tips help you wear compression stockings in hot weather. Be sure to contact the LegSmart Customer Care Team if you have more questions.