5 Common Myths About Compression Stockings

People who haven’t used or seen compression stockings and compression pantyhose in a while are often surprised by what’s available today. Compression stockings for women and men have come a long way in the last several years. With improvements in technology and design, manufacturers are making compression stockings and sock much nicer looking and more wearable for everyone.

Myth #1: Compression Stockings are Ugly

Compression Stockings are stylish

A common complaint about compression stockings and socks are that they’re ugly and look like your old grandma’s support hose. Fear not! Let the premium brands CEP, Juzo, Mediven and Sigvaris come to the rescue! These manufacturers have invested a tremendous amount of research and design into making today’s compression socks and stockings some of the most attractive socks sold on the market. CEP is a high tech compression sports garment manufacturer with medical roots. They’re the sports tech brainchild of Mediven, who makes high quality and fashionable compression stockings for men and women. Juzo makes the Naturally Sheer compression stocking, which is one of the most sheer compression stockings made with accurate graduated medical compression. Sigvaris makes stylish compression socks and stockings for both men and women. Sigvaris makes dress socks for men that are some of the best. Sigvaris also makes the EverSheer, which is a stunning example of fashion meeting medical tech. Sigvaris also makes the new Performance line of sports compression socks and sleeves. None of these products are ugly by any means!

Myth #2: Compression Stockings Don’t Fit Right

Compressio Stockings fit everyone

Getting the proper size is one of the most important aspects of compression stockings. Thankfully Juzo, Mediven and Sigvaris have invested countless research hours into understanding the proportions of legs. Juzo, Mediven and Sigvaris make the best sizing available for compression stockings in the world. There are no better fitting brands. Almost everyone can fit comfortably into a product made by those brands in any medical grade compression.

Myth #3: Compression Stockings Don’t Help My Legs

Compression Stockings benefit your legs

Compression stockings are a great tool for keeping your legs healthy. Countless people around the world wear them every day and the medical benefits improve health and well being in many ways. But the only way compression stockings benefit your legs is that you’re wearing the right level of compression and to make sure that they fit properly. If you are not getting enough compression from your stocking, then your leg health symptoms are not properly addressed. If you’re getting too much compression, then you may feel discomfort. If you are not wearing the right size, your compression stockings may slide down or be too tight on your legs and feet. Compression stockings are much more effective if they are the right compression and the right size.

Myth #4: Compression Stockings are Impossible to Put On

Compression Stockings are easy to put on

Compression stockings are not hard at all to put on as long as you know the proper technique. Don't bunch them up! Think of compression stockings like they're made up of a bunch of rubber bands. If you bunch your stocking, all the material is put into one spot and it becomes very difficult to stretch over your foot and heel. Step into them like pants and use short pulls to work the material over the ball of your foot, heel and then up your leg. Are you also snagging your compression stockings every time you put them on? There are also super grippy donning gloves that give your hands lots of traction to be able to grip the smooth compression stocking fabric and slide it over your foot and up your heel. Compression stockings are easy to put on and you don't have to damage them every time you try. Check out the How to Put on your Compression Stockings guide for visual instructions.

Myth #5: Compression Stockings are Expensive!

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Thanks for reading and we hope this changes your perception of compression stockings. They’re a great tool for keeping your legs and feet healthy and more people every day are enjoying the benefits of compression.