Premium Brands of Compression Stockings

While your doctor may outline the instructions you’ll need when you first buy compression stockings, knowing the difference between the brands can be helpful. We are happy to share a few tips to help you with this decision.

Once you have a recommendation from your doctor for the type and pressure level of the compression stockings you need, you’ll want to measure your leg so you know what size to purchase. Knowing the type of compression stocking you plan to get will help determine where and how many spots on your leg to measure. Certain popular brands like Juzo compression stockings and Mediven compression stockings are made in specific sizes created to fit your needs snugly.  In some cases, you can also purchase custom-made stockings tailored to your size. After you’ve know what size you need, you can start shopping for the colors, stocking styles, and convenience factors you want.

CEP Compression Sports Sleeves and Socks

CEP Compression Sportswear uses high tech materials to provide accuarte medical compression in a sports product.

Juzo Compression Stockings

Juzo support stockings come with an excellent reputation and are available in a number of styles for both men and women, ranging from compression socks that look similar to athletic socks, to compression knee highs and pantyhose made to look like regular hosiery. Certain Juzo compression stockings are available in materials that allow you to wash them in a washing machine, without special treatments. Juzo also uses special two-way stretch materials.

Mediven Compression Stockings

Mediven support stockings are also available in many colors and styles to fit your preferences. Many varieties are also machine washable. Mediven compression stockings are known for being high quality and very reputable products. Recent advances have brought about additional features in Mediven compression stockings, such as ClimaComfort technology, which provides exceptional breathability and comfort for all-day wear.

Sigvaris Compression Stockings

Sigvaris also offers a wide variety of fashionable compression stockings and support socks. Their line of EverSheer support stockings features double-covered yarns which provide some of the sheerest compression hosiery. Sigvaris compression stockings are designed for men and women looking for style and support.

Compression stockings now come in a variety of fashions and styles, which means you can find the style that fits you best.