5 Reasons why you should wear Compression Stockings

Even though you’re on a blog about compression stockings and support stockings, you might still be wondering, “What are support stockings used for?” Both compression stockings and support stockings are intended to aid blood circulation in your legs and/or lower body by using graduated pressure (stronger at the bottom, lighter at the top) to encourage blood flow back to the heart. So what are support stockings used for? Let’s discuss a few popular uses.

1. If you have Varicose Veins

This condition is caused when the valves within veins, most commonly those in the legs, are not functioning properly. Blood flows backwards into the veins causing swelling, pain, and aching in the legs. The affected veins typically expand and enlarge, becoming unattractive and sometimes bulged out against the skin. Compression stockings, in this case, will compress the expanded veins and encourage blood flow in the proper direction. Depending on the location of your varicose veins, you could use thigh high or knee high compression stockingseffectively.

2. Your Legs, Ankles and Feet Swell

Edema refers to tissue swelling that occurs when fluids are retained around body cells. This can be the result of a number of factors, such as poor circulation or even excessive sodium intake. When swelling occurs, your compression stocking can help encourage blood flow and dissipate the retained fluid.

3. Women who are Pregnant

Very often, pregnant women experience edema in the feet and lower legs, for which knee high compression stockings can provide welcome relief. The weight gain and/or increased fluid retention associated with pregnancy can bring on circulation problems, in that the veins in the legs and feet are under more stress. Wearing compression stockings while pregnant promotes healthy blood flow and proper circulation to help reduce swelling and achy legs.

4. Runners and Athletes

More and more, runners are discovering the benefits of compression sports socks, in terms of increased performance during a run and reduced muscle fatigue after a run. This is due to the inherent increased circulation and support compression stockings provide. Knee-high compression stockings are easily worn alone or under a pair of normal running socks, making them both convenient and highly beneficial.

5. Frequent Travelers

Afflictions such as Deep Vein Thrombosis are brought on by factors such as immobility and decreased blood flow – factors that are tough to avoid on long plane rides. Compression stockings for travel are extremely useful in this case, to promote increased blood flow in your legs and feet, thus making the formation of blood clots less likely.

If you have any questions about your health, please consult your doctor.