Difference between Thigh high and Pantyhose Compression Stockings

Thigh high compression stockings go all the way to the top of your thigh so while they provide support on and above the knee, they do not provide compression to the groin or hip. Some people choose pantyhose  compression stockings because they need support in those areas. Another reason why people wear pantyhose or men’s leotard compression stockings is because thigh high compression stockings do not stay up for them.

For people who are allergic to silicone and cannot tolerate the silicone top band on thigh high compression stockings, they should consider wearing waist high compression stockings such as pantyhose or men’s leotard.

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Paul Metcalf
Paul Metcalf

February 13, 2013

I have suffered chronic venous insufficiency requiring daily full graduated compression for 30 years.
Is it possible to design an all in one compression full length leg unitard so to enable complete support from the shoulders down. I have never yet been comfortable as hip level leotards always slip requiring constant readjustment.In many men with this embarrassing problem causes non compliance with prescribed full leg length compression. I would be most grateful for any suggestions regarding this problem or put me in touch with a manufacturer who would consider working with me to design a more practical solution. I feel their would be a heavy demand a new design unitard for those who need daily leg compression.

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